Don’t rush your Seeding.


Vegetables, chocolate, flowers. all of which are products of a SEED.
I was listening to something and it caused me to think about not so much what becomes of the seed but the seed itself… the process it goes through and what it endures before whatever is in the seed is finally ready to sprout up.
When a seed is put in the ground it has to be cared for, given water/sunlight/food and so forth, the land is plowed and tilled and the soil is fertilized and sprayed and cared for until it’s time for the seed to harvest. Every seed sprouts in its own season and not a moment before but when the time comes the seeds bring up beautiful, delicious things that we enjoy seeing and/or eating.
Now, why am i thinking about seeds? My thought was this, We are all seeds in life, from childhood (being a seed) to now. We all have a story, we’ve all endured something or another, it took some heartache, some heartbreak, some tough love, many lessons, some friction and so forth but just like that seed, it was/is all a process to get us to the place that life has for us, some have gone through their time of harvest and have entered their season others are still being tilled, and watered and nurtured so don’t rush the process. i said before that some seeds evolve into flowers, flowers are beautiful things and they remain beautiful if they are properly cared for. Allow yourself to grow properly so that you can bloom in a most beautiful way.


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