“Plugged in


So i started blogging Because i find it to be this form of mental peace and freedom, sometimes there’s so much on my mind but speaking out loud my words would probably come out jumbled. I’ve never been good with expressing myself but there are times when something will be laid on my heart and i want to express it so i find that starting a blog and writing is a help.
For my tagline i decided to use the thought “plugged in” because when writing the key is to be plugged into the thoughts of your mind, the things you really want to say or express.
I’ve never written or blogged but i find that this journey for me is helping me to tap into this new form of expression, this way of speaking without saying a word out loud but instead allowing the things that are impressed on my heart and mind to have their own voice.
I’m not sure where this experiment or journey will end up or what will become of it but while I’m here i hope that someone can relate or that someone is in some little way shape or form encouraged by something i put out there.